How to Determine Your Triggers

 A trigger is anything that “fires” something. According to my entry How I finally sought psychological help, this is how I define an emotional trigger: “In the emotional realm, a trigger is anything, whether it is a smell, a line in a movie, a pat on the back, that can release a hidden memory from your…… Continue reading How to Determine Your Triggers

Kokoro pledges to keep you ALIVE

I will just be taking a break from the usual posts on this blog to humbly express a concern of what I think has a big impact on this fight against the stigma on mental health. I recently joined a film festival aiming to spread awareness against this thing we call the stigma. I learned…… Continue reading Kokoro pledges to keep you ALIVE

Stop Feeding Your Demons

In my entries about surviving panic attacks, I reiterated that one of the main causes of these attacks were your triggers. In this post, I’ll be discussing the relationship of these triggers with your so-called demons, and yourself. What are these demons? When you’re standing on the edge, so young and hopeless. Got demons…… Continue reading Stop Feeding Your Demons

Surviving a Panic Attack: Alone at Home

In my last blog entry, I talked about the 8 ways on how to survive your panic attack at work. I also mentioned there what I think is a panic attack, a more in-depth explanation than the one in the Chester Bennington post. This time, let us talk about one of the most dangerous places…… Continue reading Surviving a Panic Attack: Alone at Home

Surviving a Panic Attack Quietly at Work

In the blog entry about Chester Bennington, I gave my shallow description of the word panic attack. Here I will give a deeper meaning to the word. What is a panic attack? A few weeks ago, I wrote about emotions being simply like pee or poop, “release them now or suffer the consequences of holding…… Continue reading Surviving a Panic Attack Quietly at Work

“You are entitled to your emotions.”

Last week, I said that emotions are simply like pee or poop: you’d better release them now or suffer the consequences of holding them back. In the same blog entry, I mentioned how some emotional release lead to interpersonal disasters. This is the main reason why, most of the time, people are afraid to let…… Continue reading “You are entitled to your emotions.”

Emotions are like pee or poop

Have you ever felt like bursting into tears for no reason at all? At home, this scenario may still be deemed acceptable. But how about if you are on the train, on your way to work, and you just felt a sudden urge to cry? What if you are doing your groceries and then suddenly…… Continue reading Emotions are like pee or poop

I’m sorry if I’m too “heavy”

In the entry, That Involuntary Opening Up, I pleaded to not force your loved ones who are experiencing emotional distress to open up to you. Basically, forcing someone into anything simply would never result to anything good. But how about if finally, you, the emotionally-strained person, decided to open up and apparently this person cannot…… Continue reading I’m sorry if I’m too “heavy”

That Involuntary Opening Up

In my entry, Walls and Opening Up , I mentioned how magical that little room in Lagmay Hall was. I mentioned how my Doc was able to pierce through my thick and high walls. My therapy continued for almost a year, twice every month. And let’s face it. One of the biggest challenges regarding psychological help…… Continue reading That Involuntary Opening Up

Walls and Opening up

Yes, I had this wall. I could not remember anymore when and where I started building my walls, but I knew I already had them since the very first memory I could come up with. Also, I brought these walls with me, as I had always been doing, the first time I walked in that…… Continue reading Walls and Opening up