What is a support group?

In the entry, “Help. Please. Save Me,” I detailed how this so-called nothingness really feels like. In a nutshell, it is simply like floating onto nothingness, without any direction, until that sense of indirection reflects into the real world.

There, I mentioned that lucky are those who experience nothingness, and being noticed by people around them. I said that that group of people that see that there may be something wrong is your support group. They can be your family, your best of friends or your life partner.

The best thing to happen is that they may try themselves to do something for you, or may even ask for professional help when things are already unalterable.

But what if you don’t have that support group? No family member, no close friend, nor even a life partner who cares? Will you just let that nothingness totally consume you, as you have let burnout destroy your dreams?

Actually, having no support group is one of the precursors of burnout. I mentioned in the entry Burnout vs Fed Up that the early signs of burnout or fed up can actually be detected. It is simply a matter of taking action or doing nothing.

In the entry, Why bathrooms calm introverts down, I quoted Susan Cain in her book Quiet, saying that introverts can act like extroverts for the sake of things they ”love or … value highly.”

I also mentioned in that entry that this kind of acting out can eventually wear you out. But if there are people who support you in that very thing you love, the effects of burnout may be lesser. But if all you can hear from the people around you are nonsense words, they are not helpful at all. “What kind of profession is that? Do you really like that? Look at you. You are not sleeping at all. Is that the life you want?”

Working in the media industry is really tough. It is not easy to love a profession given the imperfect working conditions. But I still chose to love it, at that time. And yet here are the people who don’t even support what you do. And receiving no support at all from the people beyond your working place is simply like the strongest winds that will just speed up the burning process.

And when you finally reached your limits, finally burned yourself out, these people, who said those nonsense words, will also notice. But it will eventually be a blaming game. “That is what you get for having that kind of profession. That is what you get for not resting at all. That is what you get for letting work consume you.”

These kinds of people will never be emotionally healthy for you. As I said, nothingness is that feeling of floating without direction. In another perspective, it is actually a peaceful feeling, a calming sensation of nothing. What people, who experience nothingness, need are words or people who can support and guide them to the right direction. They don’t need people who will blame them for being miserable. Nobody wants to be miserable, so why blame that very person for his or her misery?

Upon hearing these blame words, it actually just disrupts the certain calmness into the person’s mind. It is like suddenly feeling an earthquake when you are feeling nothing at all, for the longest time. This sudden change of sensation is not healthy.

I also said in former entries that introverts react exaggeratedly to things. And this sudden earthquake can jolt an introvert’s system in a very bad way. And prolonged exposure to those blaming and jolting words can actually give a person another phenomenon. It is called anxiety.

And this so-called anxiety will be the topic of the next entry.



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