My Emotional Journey through my Blogs

To be honest, I could no longer recall when this so-called “emotional journey” really started. What I can definitely say is that it did not start when I first stepped into that small room in Lagmay. However, maybe, one of the more concrete evidences of this emotional journey can be found on one of my…… Continue reading My Emotional Journey through my Blogs

“You are entitled to your emotions.”

Last week, I said that emotions are simply like pee or poop: you’d better release them now or suffer the consequences of holding them back. In the same blog entry, I mentioned how some emotional release lead to interpersonal disasters. This is the main reason why, most of the time, people are afraid to let…… Continue reading “You are entitled to your emotions.”

I’m sorry if I’m too “heavy”

In the entry, That Involuntary Opening Up, I pleaded to not force your loved ones who are experiencing emotional distress to open up to you. Basically, forcing someone into anything simply would never result to anything good. But how about if finally, you, the emotionally-strained person, decided to open up and apparently this person cannot…… Continue reading I’m sorry if I’m too “heavy”

Walls and Opening up

Yes, I had this wall. I could not remember anymore when and where I started building my walls, but I knew I already had them since the very first memory I could come up with. Also, I brought these walls with me, as I had always been doing, the first time I walked in that…… Continue reading Walls and Opening up

Why bathrooms calm introverts down

It is a stressful day at work. You just had a board meeting and then a client just came in to clarify matters with you. You asked for a five-minute break and rushed to the bath room. There in one of the cubicles, you finally felt at ease, even just for five minutes. Who would…… Continue reading Why bathrooms calm introverts down

Stop the discrimination of introverts

It is a normal workday and you are on your way to the office. From a far, you see, in your peripheral view, an officemate, and the worst part is, he sees you too. What you did is that you readily cross the street and create a new route to work. Does this seem to…… Continue reading Stop the discrimination of introverts