“You are entitled to your emotions.”

Last week, I said that emotions are simply like pee or poop: you’d better release them now or suffer the consequences of holding them back. In the same blog entry, I mentioned how some emotional release lead to interpersonal disasters. This is the main reason why, most of the time, people are afraid to let…… Continue reading “You are entitled to your emotions.”

That Involuntary Opening Up

In my entry, Walls and Opening Up , I mentioned how magical that little room in Lagmay Hall was. I mentioned how my Doc was able to pierce through my thick and high walls. My therapy continued for almost a year, twice every month. And let’s face it. One of the biggest challenges regarding psychological help…… Continue reading That Involuntary Opening Up

Anxiety and Being Attached

Anxiety may be hard to define basing solely on patient’s experiences. I and Doc (see my About page to have an idea of Doc) actually did not thoroughly define the term in any of our sessions, or maybe we just had not gotten the chance because I already quit. But anyway, in my last entry,…… Continue reading Anxiety and Being Attached