How my Emotional Journals Helped Me

In one of our sessions from 2015 to 2016, Doc asked me if I was writing a journal. I had a blog back then, my Nimotsu Counter, but I wasn’t really posting regularly. According to the, the word “journal” means “self-examining” or “reflective” written entries. How ‘self-examining’ should a journal be? I was a…… Continue reading How my Emotional Journals Helped Me

What is a support group?

In the entry, “Help. Please. Save Me,” I detailed how this so-called nothingness really feels like. In a nutshell, it is simply like floating onto nothingness, without any direction, until that sense of indirection reflects into the real world. There, I mentioned that lucky are those who experience nothingness, and being noticed by people around them.…… Continue reading What is a support group?

“Help. Please. Save me.”

In the entry, Burnout vs Fed up, I roughly discussed the difference between the two mental weariness. As a recap, the main discrepancy is that, when you get fed up, you can still continue with life. Burnout deprives you of that capability, and thus can be mentally paralyzing. The worst thing that can happen is…… Continue reading “Help. Please. Save me.”

Burnout vs Fed Up

At the end of a work or school day, people usually feel the weariness taking over their system. Some may say that this can just be replenished by some good food and a deep sleep. This can actually do the job at times. But as schedules get more hectic, the act of good eating and…… Continue reading Burnout vs Fed Up